5th I.D.F.D. commission

Ann Ghviniashvili

Ana Ghviniashvili graduated from Ekvtime Takaishvili Tbilisi State University of Culture and Arts in 2001 with the qualification of a Georgian dance choreographer. In 2011 she was awarded the degree of Master of Georgian Dance and Performing Arts Teacher. In 2021 she completed studies in the teacherchoreography program. Works on a doctoral theme: Inclusive dance teaching in the arts and education sectors. Ana Ghviniashvili has been working as a teacher at Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film State University of Georgia since 2003. Ann teaches subjects: staging art and dance fixation. She has been actively implementing large-scale projects in the field of inclusive dance teaching at the same university and nongovernmental organizations since 2019. In 2021, Ana Ghviniashvili founded the Inclusive Dance Development Center. Developed and introduced the author training curriculum of the inclusive dance school “Anisi”. Ana Ghviniashvili co-authored the book “Methods of Inclusive Teaching for Art Integration” and recorded video lessons of dance development games. Ana Ghviniashvili actively participates in local and international scientific conferences. She has published articles on teaching choreography and inclusive dance, developed a synthetic methodology for dance, music and drama therapy


Giannis Kaminis

He was born in Piraeus in 1977 and lives in Thessaloniki. He studied Communication at the University of Coventry (1998) and completed his postgraduate studies in Communication and Marketing at the University of Westminster, London (2001). He works as an international consultant for European institutional transnational projects abroad and as the head of an advertising company in Greece. He has 14 years of teaching experience as a teacher of undergraduate and graduate programs. In 2012 he completed the educational program of the Psychoanalytic School of Lacanian Orientation, Freudian Society of Northern Greece and works as a psychoanalyst.

His artwork, as a painter, enjoys an international impact for the originality, meaning and elegance he gives to abstract art. Exhibits in New York-USA, Seoul-N. Korea, Beirut-Lebanon, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Cusco-Peru and Europe since 2014. Participates in auctions and supports charitable activities that help children. His works have been used as the visual basis in international conferences, as covers of academic books, as well as for the creation of clothing and fashion accessories.



Leykothea Kartasidou

Lefkothea Kartasidou is an Associate Professor of Special Education at the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia.

He studied in Greece at the Pedagogical Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in Germany, at the University of Cologne – as a scholarship holder in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia – where he received his PhD in Therapeutic Pedagogy.

She holds a degree in Advanced Theory (Harmony, Vocal and Counterpoint) and has worked as a music teacher in a private music school, conservatory and in Secondary Education at the Music School (High School) of Katerini. He has worked in Primary Education and in Special Education School Units as a Kindergarten Teacher. He has published in special education in Greek and foreign magazines.Her research interests focus on special education, music education for students with disabilities, cognitive-motor skills, mental disability, social skills, self-determination and the transition of people with disabilities. Participates in European Programs in the scientific field of special education either as a coordinator or as a member of project teams.She is in charge of the Festival “The reflection of disability in art” and coordinator of the Music Education Program for children with disabilities and / or special educational needs “Music Educational Ensemble ‘MUSES'”.



Elizana Pollatou

She was born in Athens in 1966. She studied at TEFAA of the Democritus University of Thrace (1988-degree, 1995-PhD) and at the Universityof IllinoisatChicago (1991-M.Sc.). In 2019 he acquired an M.A. in Counseling & Psychotherapy (University of East London, U.K.). She is an associate professor at TEFAA University of Thessaly and since 1991 she has been teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level the subjects: Kinetic Learning, Pedagogical Gymnastics, Rhythmic and Kinetic Creativity. He has written the following: MOTION LEARNING- An experiential, illustrated approach to learning and performing motor skills. Neon Publications, Athens (2021) – Office exercises. Neon Publications, Athens (2020) – Composition of Fitness Programs for All, theory-learning process-application in practice. Epikentro Publications, Thessaloniki (2012) – Erotic, question marks and others… (poetry collection, self-published, 2009) – Rhythmic exercises in Physical Education. (together with Karadimou K. and Polymenopoulou K.), Pataki Publications, Athens (2008) – Every day of our lives like a note of music. Ethograph. University Studio Press, Thessaloniki (2003) – Kinetic Learning and Performance, from theory to practice, (translation). Athlotypo Publications, Athens (1993). He has published work in international scientific journals and conferences while writing articles on informative and literary sites. Participates as the head of the Dance Gymnastics team of T.E.F.A.A.-P.TH. and as an evaluator, in pan-Hellenic sports / artistic events and in educational / leisure seminars. She is the mother of Spyros (1994) and Ionas (1996). Dot man, on the perimeter of the infinity of knowledge and the joy of search, its diameter.


Eleni Vaka

Graduate Fellowship in Modern Dance and Licentiate in Classical Ballet with Tutor Elisabeth Harrison.

In 2017 he trained in the Progressing Ballet Technique Program created by Marie Walton-Mhon.In 2019 he was trained in the new specialty of ISTD, Contemporary by the creator Ross McKim.

Academic studiesHe studied Business Administration at Kingston University and holds a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Strategic Management.

Work experienceIn 2010 he founded the Terpsichorus dance school in Thessaloniki which is an approved examination center of Istd and a professional school in classical, modern and clapping of the same organization.In 2014 he created the dance group aniMotus with which he performed the works “From the Inner” (2014), “Fate in String” (2015), “Medea” (2016) and “Medea 2” (2017).From 2000 until today he has dramatized the books “Alchemist” and “Around the World in 80 Days”. He has choreographed for the plays “The Rapture of the Princess Hammock”, “The Arms of Achilles”. He has choreographed many dance performances, some of which are: “Art Events” (2011), “From Thessaloniki to Paris” (2012), “The Lady with the Camellias” (2012), “Greek Works” (2013), “Time Travel” (2014) and “Terpsichorus Fm” (2017).