Invitation for 3d International Dance Festival Disability

The Dance Company “Dryades en Plo” proudly invites you to participate in the 3d International Dance Festival Disability, an international meeting of dance groups of people with disabilities and mixed groups), which will take place in Karditsa, Central Greece, on 28 – 29 – 30 – 31 May 2020.

The organization of the 3d International Dance Disability Festival follows the very successful 1st & 2nd IDFD, that took place in Karditsa in 2018 & 2019. IDFD is a longtime vision for Dryades en Plo and their President Maria Karapanagioti, who have organized and accomplish the National DanceDisability Festival since 2014. The National Meeting of Disabled Dance Groups and Mixed Dance Groups (with any disability) takes place annually over the last six years in Karditsa and is an important and highly successful event in the domain of disability in Greece. The participation of the teams each year is impressive, since it exceeds 20! More information, photos and videos can be found on the team’s website: and on youtube:,

The IDFD includes the presentation of dance work from the participants, without limitation on the type of dance and the number of dancers, conference and experiential workshops. We invite you to participate with your group in the performances, to present a presentation at the festival’s workshop, to teach in one of the experiential workshops or to attend as a guest at the event.

The main objective of the event, an institution unique in Greece, is raising public awareness on exclusion issues and the elimination of disability through active participation. The coexistence on stage of people with disabilities, in such an event, proves how the power of art can facilitate the aesthetic and harmonious coexistence of people without discrimination. At the same time, dancers with their participation in the event will contribute to their own autonomy, as dancing manages diversity with a body tool.

In addition, with your presence, we are given the opportunity to ourselves, to the dancers of the teams, but also to their teachers to expand our horizons more and get in touch with people from different continents and countries!

The common dance language joins us!

Dryades en Plo offers free accommodation and meals for the 4 days of the Festival (from Thursday night 28th May to Sunday noon 31th May) for 4 persons per team. We are sending you the application form for the Festival. It is required to send us along with the application form photos and video from your work, as well as the rehearsal from your 15minutes choreography for the Festival.

We are available for more details and clarifications. Please contact us at Thank you!


The President of Dryades en Plo

Maria Karapanagioti