3d International Dance Festival Disability (IDFD) – Transfer of Date

The International Dance Festival Disability (IDFD) is an institution for the city of
Karditsa and the Disability in Greece. Above all, it is the annual rendezvous of
hundreds of dancers – people with disabilities who look forward every May to
participate, to show on and off stage the joy of dancing, to find friends who have
been around for so many years and to enjoy our hospitality!
This year, the situation is difficult and the Festival will change dates due to
precautionary measures for the pandemic of COVID-19. Taking into account the
escalating challenges we all face as a result of the pandemic of the COVID-19 and
the need to ensure everybody’s health, we decided to postpone the 3rd
International Dance Festival Disability, scheduled for 28-31May 2020. At the
same time, we recognize the importance of expression through dance, the
possibilities it gives to each of us (people with disabilities or not) and also the
strengthening of sociability and creation it provides. So, we commit that the
Festival will take place within the year, as soon as the unprecedented conditions
we all experience allow it.
Dance does not stop and we, as Dryades en Plo, call you to be optimistic and to
dance a lot, until we meet again and give our best on the stage of the Festival!

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