3rd Dance Festival of People with Disabilities Press release


Press Release: 3rd Panhellenic Meeting of Dance Groups of Disabled People & Mixed Dance Groups in Karditsa

Karditsa, 06-06-2016


On May 28 & 29, the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Meeting of Dance Groups (with any disability) and Mixed Groups took place in Karditsa, in the city’s Municipal Indoor Gym. Those two days are revolutionary in the world of disability, unique in Greece, with the participation of 27 dance groups from all over the country, organized for the third consecutive year by the Artistic Company Dryades in Plo.

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, the Municipal Indoor Gym of the city, full of happy and moved faces, hosted the performances of the groups from Adendro in Thessaloniki, Athens, Alexandria in Imathia, Volos, Drama, Thermi in Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Kastoria, Kilkis, Larissa, Patras, Serres, Sykeon, Trikala and Chalkida. The dancers and their chaperones were given a guided tour of the city, met and were entertained together with the many volunteers of the event.


The audience, as well as the participants was fascinated by the imaginative choreographies, the varied musical choices and the colorful costumes. Mostly, however, they were moved by the coexistence of people with disabilities on stage, which proved that the power of art can facilitate the aesthetic and harmonious coexistence of people without discrimination. The event was attended by representatives of the Municipal Authority, local authorities and the Eminent Metropolitan. You can watch the performances of the event on the website of Dryades en plo www.dryadesenplo.gr


The Panhellenic Meeting aims to raise public awareness of exclusion and the elimination of disability through active participation. The two-day performances are hoped to reach all those who attended the Municipal Indoor Gym, so as to cultivate a different environment for people with disabilities and their potential for social and artistic integration. The presence and applause to reward the effort of the dancers and the people who support them is important!


For the Artistic Company Dryades en Plo this is a dream come true and we would like to thank all our fellow citizens, volunteers, supporters and sponsors who actively participated in the event for their response and support. During the days of preparation and the materialization of the event, a crowd of people really cared about and worked voluntarily with us on this important purpose. We would like to thank the great sponsors of the event: Mrs. Velesiotou and her associates for her wonderful concert, the Holy Metropolis, the Municipality of Karditsa, the Region of Karditsa, PED, Kastalia clinic, the Stevia factory, all the sponsors advertised in the event’s flyer distributed free of charge, the companies advertised on our volunteer t-shirts, our supporters and communication sponsors. Their kind offer is also posted on the internet at www.dryadesenplo.gr, where it will remain for the whole year.


A great thank you and warm congratulations to the dozens of volunteers who, with their impeccable attitude, embraced this important undertaking and contributed to its success. The help they all provided was touching and promising for the continuation of our actions. Finally, we would like to thank the Scientific and Artistic Committee of the 3rd Panhellenic Meeting of Dance Groups of People with Dissabilities and Mixed Groups Mr. Goudiras, Mrs. Kagialoglou, Mrs. Argyropoulou, Mr. Oikonomakos, and Mr Karvounis for their presence, their moral and critical support.

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