Invitation to Participate in an Interdisciplinary 2-day event

Invitation to Participate in an Interdisciplinary 2-day event

The artistic company Dryades En Plo sends a call to participate in the 5th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Healing through art entitled “Art and Education through Arts Education Methods for People with Disabilities”.

The event takes place in the framework of the preparation for organizing the 3rd National Meeting of Dance Groups for People with Disabilities (with any disability) & Joint Groups, which will be held on 28-29 May 2016 in Karditsa, which after two successful PANHELLENIC MEETINGS became a unique institution in Greece!!!afisa-2016-+xorigoi+epistimones

The 2-day event will be held on 26-27 March 2016 in Mouzaki, Karditsa and includes interesting scientific theoretical presentations by distinguished scientists on the subject “Art and Education” and workshops on 4 treatments through arts.

It is aimed at special educators, psychologists, nurses, dance teachers, trainers, facilitators, therapists through art, special education professionals and students, facilities for people with disabilities including mental health, as well as at those who are interested in the subject.

The 2-day event aims to provide knowledge and skills, both on theoretical and practical levels, which are necessary for training and supporting persons with disabilities through the arts. The ultimate goal of the Group’s activities, regarding persons with disabilities, is organizing an International Festival in our country.

The 2-day event will be hosted at the 4-star-hotel Mouzaki Palace in Mouzaki, Karditsa, a picturesque small town on the edge of the plain of Thessaly, just 20’ from Karditsa. The area offers many options, with a variety of proposals regarding attractions, museums, monuments, archaeological sites, tours to nearby villages, but also to the  Plastiras Lake and the Elati  – Pertouli region that are accessible in just 20 minutes. Mavrommati village, the birthplace of Georgios Karaiskakis and the cave in which he was born in 1782 and the church of St. George, where he was baptized, are of particular interest.


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