Contemporary dance performance “Vortex” in Mouzaki Karditsa

Contemporary dance performance “Vortex” in Mouzaki Karditsa

The Contemporary Dance Group “Dryades En Plo” and DA.GI.PO.LI.  mixed dance group, with dancers with physical disabilities present the project “Vortex” on Saturday, March 26th at the Cultural Center in Mouzaki at 8pm. This is a show that aims to raise public awareness on exclusion and tackling the stigma of disability through active participation.el

The project in the form it will be presented in, is the result of the artistic partnership of the two groups, as inspired by choreographers Maria Karapanagioti and George Christakis.

About “Vortex”: Everything moves in a perpetual pace… The body, the inside material, the mind and their derivatives vibrate in a rotational vortex which strengthens even more when opposite currents meet. A vortex in the air lifts you chaoticly and dangerously and you sometimes land unevenly and sometimes more smoothly. A vortex in the water, swallows you, takes you to the bottom and then leaves and if there is any breath left in you, you will go up again on the outside light. Anxieties, conflicts, battles, losses, loves, joys swirling nonstop inside her womb. Thoughts airy, moist thoughts follow a circular orbit and the persistent rate possible. The universe around the circle of time and space, struggling to reach zero and infinity… The vortex eliminates instantaneously the moment and suck through the past and future. The body, the spirit, before and after the vortex … fear or force?

The choreography of the show came with original music in a live performance from Chrysostomos Troukis, an excellent artistic partnership. Sotiris Romanidis – Kyriakidis, an autistic musician – dancer will also participate as a guest appearance in this performance. It is a unique artistic collaboration that gives the opportunity in our region to reach out to the world of disability, to give voice to our people through the art of dance.

The Dryades en Plo and the performance contributors would like to thank the sponsors of the show, the Keramario, the company Serifis-Wood, Furniture,  the Dance School M. Karapanagioti, the Municipality of Mouzaki for granting the hall and meeting the technical requirements of the show, Mouzaki news and ERTVolos for the communication.

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